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Lua Game
A clone of Geometry Wars for PICO8
Essentium HSE 240
3D Printing Mechanics Essentium
An industrial high speed 3D printer for high temperature materials.
A port of DOOM to a $30 smartwatch, using the ESP32 architecture.
MatterHackers Pulse
3D Printing Manufacturing MatterHackers
An open source, customizable 3D printer manufactured in the US.
Smoothieware (contributor)
3D Printing C++ MatterHackers
A high performance 3D printer firmware written in C++. Built graphical UI for printers with LCD panels.
Pulse Filament Flow Sensor
3D Printing Electronics MatterHackers
Sensor that allows 3D printers to detect filament jams and runouts.
3D Printing Rust 3D Graphics
A plugin to show previews of STL files (3D printing models) in your file manager. Works on Linux and Windows. Written in Rust, using OpenGL.
MatterControl Connect WiFi Module
3D Printing Electronics MatterHackers
A cheap addon for 3D printers that allows them to be used wirelessly instead of through USB. Based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip.
Scrap Scanner 5000
Web Design
A free service that lets you know when the car you are looking for has arrived at your local junkyard.
MatterControl T7X
3D Printing Android MatterHackers
Android powered 3D printer control device with onboard slicing and cloud integration.
Holographic Speedometer
Electronics Prelude
Arduino project using 7-Segment LED display reflected in windshield to create a Head Up Display (HUD).
MatterControl (contributor)
3D Printing C# MatterHackers
An all-in-one 3D printing slicer and control program. Written in C#.
Theta Printer
3D Printing
A 3D printer with 4 extruders that can move independently and simultaneously. Senior design project. Semifinalist for The Hackaday Prize 2014.
Animated Turn Signals
Electronics Prelude
Custom circuit with a PICAXE-14M microcontroller and a ULN2803 darlington LED driver. PCB etched by hand with toner transfer and hydrochloric acid.
KnightOS (contributor)
An open source Unix-like OS for Texas Instruments graphing calculators, like the TI-84. It is written in Z80 assembly language.