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Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Maker of Things


Meshtastic TTGO T-Beam Case - SciFi Style
·250 words·2 mins
3D Printing Meshtastic LoRa
A stylish Sci-Fi inspired case for your Meshtastic radio
Lua Game
A clone of Geometry Wars for PICO8
Unclogging Nozzles
3D Printing MatterHackers Troubleshooting
Here are all the standard procedures for unclogging nozzles, in order of difficulty/invasiveness.
A port of DOOM to a $30 smartwatch, using the ESP32 architecture.
What material should I use in a high temperature environment?
3D Printing MatterHackers
PID Tuning
3D Printing Troubleshooting Tutorial
PID is the control algorithm the printers use for holding temperature. The parameters for this algorithm control how fast the printer reaches the set temperature, and how well it holds that temperature once it gets there. Fortunately, the printer has an automatic way of tuning these values.
How To - Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former
Vacuforming MatterHackers Product Review
The FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former is a perfect addition to your 3D printing workflow. Expand your production and use new materials!
Tech Breakdown - Creality CR-10S
3D Printing MatterHackers Product Review
The internet’s favorite hobbyist-level 3D printer comes to MatterHackers.
3D Printing Rust 3D Graphics
A plugin to show previews of STL files (3D printing models) in your file manager. Works on Linux and Windows. Written in Rust, using OpenGL.
3D Printing Pepakura Designs
·2158 words·11 mins
3D Printing Cosplay Tutorial
Converting your cosplay from Pepakura to 3D printable models
Tech Breakdown - Peopoly Moai
3D Printing SLA MatterHackers Product Review
MatterHackers pros take an in-depth look at why this incredibly precise resin 3D printer is quickly becoming a crowd favorite.