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Unclogging Nozzles
3D Printing MatterHackers Troubleshooting
Here are all the standard procedures for unclogging nozzles, in order of difficulty/invasiveness.
What material should I use in a high temperature environment?
3D Printing MatterHackers
MatterHackers Pulse
3D Printing Manufacturing MatterHackers
Project lead for the Pulse E-Series, the 5th major iteration of the product line. Successfully launched in September 2020. Scheduled tasks and planned milestones. Coordinated research & development effort, testing, and training production staff.


How To - Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former
Vacuforming MatterHackers Product Review
The FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former is a perfect addition to your 3D printing workflow. Expand your production and use new materials!
Pulse Filament Flow Sensor
3D Printing Electronics MatterHackers
Developed filament flow sensor addon for 3D printers allowing for closed loop control of extrusion. Minimized part count by using a compliant mechanism. Maximized reliability and lifespan by using solid state hall effect sensor. Wrote I2C interface drivers for 3D printer firmwares Marlin (Arduino architecture) and Smoothieware (ARM architecture). CAD in Onshape, schematic and PCB layout in KiCAD.


Tech Breakdown - Creality CR-10S
3D Printing MatterHackers Product Review
The internet’s favorite hobbyist-level 3D printer comes to MatterHackers.


Tech Breakdown - Peopoly Moai
3D Printing SLA MatterHackers Product Review
MatterHackers pros take an in-depth look at why this incredibly precise resin 3D printer is quickly becoming a crowd favorite.
The Future of 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands
3D Printing MatterHackers
MatterHackers’ in-house 3D Printer Technician, Mike Campos, is using 3D printing to develop an affordable prosthetic hand that can be controlled by muscle sensors.
What To Do If Your Printer Has Trouble Holding Temperature
3D Printing MatterHackers Troubleshooting
There are a lot of reasons a printer could have trouble getting to or staying at the right temperature. Here is a breakdown of the possible scenarios and their solutions.
Tech Breakdown - Carbide 3D Nomad 883 Pro
CNC MatterHackers Product Review
MatterHackers pros take an in-depth look at this precision carving and engraving desktop mill.
Tech Breakdown - The Panucatt Azteeg X5 Mini
3D Printing MatterHackers Product Review
MatterHackers pros take an in-depth look at this fast-processing, 32-bit controller board that will help produce cleaner 3D printed parts.
Tech Breakdown - Ultimaker 3
3D Printing MatterHackers Product Review
Our engineers examine why the Ultimaker 3 is the perfect machine for print-to-production parts.


Choosing the Best 3D Printing Bed Surface
3D Printing MatterHackers
From general purpose print beds to tips and tricks with acetone, finding the right bed surface to print on is an important step in the 3D printing process.
How To - Acetone Vapor Smoothing
3D Printing MatterHackers Tutorial
Vapor polishing is the process of smoothing the surface of 3D printed ABS parts. The results give your models the look of professionally made injection molded parts. If you want to achieve this look, read on.
Anatomy of a 3D Printer
3D Printing MatterHackers
Get an understanding of how 3D printing works, from the inside and out. This guide will walk you through each of the critical components of a 3D Printer, answering the question: “How does a 3D printer work?”


How to Print Your Ships from Kerbal Space Program
3D Printing KSP MatterHackers Tutorial
Fan of the game Kerbal Space Program? Ever want to bring your customized space rockets to life? Well look no further! This helpful guide will put those little rockets right in the palm of your hand.
How To - Coat Your 3D Prints with Hydrographics
3D Printing MatterHackers Tutorial
This guide walks through the process of succeeding when using Hydrographics or Hydro Dip Films. Hydrographics is a way of applying complicated graphics and intricate patterns to 3-dimensional objects. The dissolvable hydro dip film is floated on the surface of a tub of water, and the object is literally dipped into it.