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Unclogging Nozzles
3D Printing MatterHackers Troubleshooting
Here are all the standard procedures for unclogging nozzles, in order of difficulty/invasiveness.
What material should I use in a high temperature environment?
3D Printing MatterHackers
MatterHackers Pulse
3D Printing Manufacturing MatterHackers
An open source, customizable 3D printer manufactured in the US.


How To - Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former
Vacuforming MatterHackers Product Review
The FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former is a perfect addition to your 3D printing workflow. Expand your production and use new materials!
Smoothieware (contributor)
3D Printing C++ MatterHackers
A high performance 3D printer firmware written in C++. Built graphical UI for printers with LCD panels.
Pulse Filament Flow Sensor
3D Printing Electronics MatterHackers
Sensor that allows 3D printers to detect filament jams and runouts.


Tech Breakdown - Creality CR-10S
3D Printing MatterHackers Product Review
The internet’s favorite hobbyist-level 3D printer comes to MatterHackers.
MatterControl Connect WiFi Module
3D Printing Electronics MatterHackers
A cheap addon for 3D printers that allows them to be used wirelessly instead of through USB. Based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip.


Tech Breakdown - Peopoly Moai
3D Printing SLA MatterHackers Product Review
MatterHackers pros take an in-depth look at why this incredibly precise resin 3D printer is quickly becoming a crowd favorite.
The Future of 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands
3D Printing MatterHackers
MatterHackers’ in-house 3D Printer Technician, Mike Campos, is using 3D printing to develop an affordable prosthetic hand that can be controlled by muscle sensors.