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Meshtastic TTGO T-Beam Case - SciFi Style

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3D Printing Meshtastic LoRa
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This is my attempt at a case for the TTGO T-Beam. I wanted something with a different style than the rugged and utilitarian cases out there. This is inspired by Portal, Sci-Fi concept art, and a little bit of Cassette Futurism.

If you don’t know what Meshtastic is, check it out.

Download STLs (Printables)

CAD (Onshape)

Assembly Instructions


  • 4x M2 Heat-Set Threaded Inserts
  • 2x M3 Heat-Set Threaded Inserts
  • 4x M2x8 Screws
  • 2x M3x8 Screws

Printed Parts

Print one of each of the printed parts. Support material should not be required for any of them, but good part cooling will help. ABS is recommended if it will me used in a hot place, like on a car’s dashboard. If printing with ABS, some parts may need a brim to prevent warping.

This is the pictured color scheme

Primary Color (Black)

  • Body
  • Back Cover Insert
  • Front Panel Insert

Secondary Color (White)

  • Antenna Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Front Panel

Accent Color (Blue)

  • Buttons


  • Status LED


  1. Insert heated inserts.
  2. Glue LED pipes into Front Panel Insert.
  3. Slide Buttons into slot in Body.
  4. Put Front Panel Insert over top of T-Beam.
  5. Put T-Beam and Front Panel Insert on front of Body. Screw down with M2 screws.
  6. Put on Front Panel and screw to Body with M3 screws.
  7. Press Antenna Cover onto antenna connector on T-Beam.
  8. Snap Back Cover Insert into Back Panel.
  9. Snap Back Panel onto the back of Body.