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Essentium HSE 180 & 280

3D Printing Mechanics Essentium
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The HSE 280 is Essentium’s flagship industrial 3D printer. It has fully independent dual extruders (IDEX), a large build volume, and is capable of high speed extrusion.


  • Led continuous improvement projects to enhance newly manufactured machines and retrofit/upgrade machines already in the field.
  • Research & development of new filament dry storage system which improved humidity from ~5% RH to less than 1% RH.
  • Developed humidity sensors and data loggers for testing and research. Used ESP32 MCU and I2C sensors. Firmware written from scratch in CircuitPython. Data logged to cloud service via HTTP API. Used Python Pandas for scientific data analysis.
  • Led projects to develop next-gen first-party hotend and adapt commercially available third-party hotends.
  • Led research and development of high reliablility nozzle purging and cleaning system.